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  • Pot de creme cups on tray, hand painted by Delvaux porcelain in Paris

    23 February at 16:12 from atlas

    Limoges porcelain cups on a tray for Pot de Creme - a dessert like a chocolate mousse. ...

  • Here's the other print by Ken Done

    23 February at 16:06 from atlas

    Here's the other original art work by by Ken Done

  • Ken Done originals sold on Ebay.

    23 February at 16:04 from atlas

    Bought these two "prints" at a local auction - for $35 sold for $1100 on ebay

  • Chawan by Chester Nealie added today

    11 October at 06:58 from atlas

    I have just added a new tea bowl or chawan by Chester Nealie now. ...

  • Items listed, items sold

    1 July at 21:47 from atlas

    Just listed a very rare Arita vase from Japan made about 1875.   I have sold three chawan - two by by Chester Nealie and one ...

  • Book sold for $9000

    22 June at 08:48 from atlas

    Sold recently two volumes "De l'Esprit des Loix" published in 1748  for $9000. ...

  • New Tatsuzo Shimaoka yunomi sets in stock.

    24 December at 18:55 from atlas

    It is very rare to see these any more. Sets of yunomi by the late Tatsuzo Shimaoka who was a living treasure of Japanese pottery. ...

  • H G Wells Books

    14 August at 22:17 from atlas

    I have recently listed various H G Wells related books - some signed by him and many first edition signed to him by the authors. See my ...

  • New Collection of Edward Lear prints

    17 March at 17:49 from atlas

    Just listed - original hand coloured engravings drawn by Edward Lear of children's book fame.  From the 1840's


    8 November at 20:11 from atlas

    I just acquired this beautiful chawan or tea bowl from Barry Brickell. Made from bizen clay with feldspar inclusions - stunning. 


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